Athletics - Flag FootballWe believe sports are very important in developing character, because character is revealed during times of pressure.  An athlete demands a strain of his entire body to in order to perform at a competitive level.  This is the kind of endurance necessary for a Christian to live a godly life.  Athletics is no different than any other part of life and therefore must be lived in a manner that glorifies God.


 The Winners Creed:

“I believe that a true winner always gives his best, never to glory of self,
but always to the glory of God.
With the Lord’s help, I will strive to be a true winner today.”


An athlete is not simply one who wears a uniform and joins a team, but is one committed to a cause.  In Christian athletics the cause is not merely a first place finish, but a continuation of the Christian life – Let me whole-heartedly do my best in all things that God would be pleased and receive glory.