Pastor Vance started the Gunnery Road Christian Academy in 1998.  God burdened Pastor Vance’s heart about starting a Christian school where Christ Jesus would be first and the academics would be excellent. Gunnery Road Christian Academy is that place.  The students are held to the highest academic standards.  Discipline and excellence are stressed in every subject. Students are pushed to do their best academically for the glory of God.  However,  we are not all about academics.  Our staff realizes that a great academic education is second to godliness.  Through preaching, teaching, and personal involvement with the students we hope to graduate well prepared and Christ-like students.  The Gunnery Road Christian Academy balances Godly living with academic excellence.


Our Philosophy

We believe that ultimately it is the responsibility of the parents to train the child “in the way he should go.” God has given the children to the parents. God also gave to the church the responsibility to train and minister to those God has joined to that church regardless of their age. The church and home must work together for a Christian school to function. Gunnery Road Christian Academy is an extension of the ministry of Gunnery Road Baptist Church. The school’s purpose is not to usurp the authority or responsibility of the parents but to act as an aid to the home in training the child spiritually, academically, and socially.

The philosophy behind our academic instruction is that the faculty does not exist for the purpose of teaching books or lesson plans. Here at Gunnery Road Christian Academy we teach the students. The difference in that philosophy is that we define teaching not as covering material but as causing the students to learn. Any student in Gunnery Road Christian Academy who wishes to learn will learn.