Church Building

Gunnery Road Baptist Church was founded in 1985 by Pastor Terry Vance.

The purpose of GRBC is to bring glory to God by carrying out His great commission (Matthew 28:18-20). This involves the evangelization of the lost men, women and children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the preaching of God’s Holy Word to facilitate spiritual growth and maturity in the lives of Christians.  We never seek to entertain our congregation, but to enrich, educate, and edify it.

At GRBC God is the center, not man.  Our music is rich and traditional in style, exalting the Savior.  We love truth and search the Scriptures during each service, desiring that others would love truth also.

We are here to serve and minister to the spiritual needs of our community.  Our church is available to anyone who is people who are searching for the truth found in God’s Word or searching for the ultimate reason for life.  Please visit us soon or call for further information.